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The following is a list of resources hand-picked by TrafficJam's partners and data experts. We encourage everyone to check them out as they provide a great starting point to understanding the data surrounding Toronto's transportation issues.

Data Resources

ThinkData Works

Namara Catalogue is a platform created, maintained, and powered by ThinkData Works, a company committed to making open data truly accessible.

The team at ThinkData Works has generously donated their time and put together a catalogue just for TrafficJam. Here you'll find a combination of provincial, municipal, and private data. This data has already been cleaned and is ready to use.

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City of Toronto

City of Toronto Open Data Catalogue

Access the City's data, organized into 15 categories.

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Province of Ontario

Province of Ontario Open Data Catalogue

Ontario + open data - we like the sound of that. Ontario is committed to being the most open and transparent government in Canada.

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Data Scientist Workbench

Data Scientist Workbench provides a browser-based notebook as a service environment and supports R, Python, and Scala.

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TomTom offers the industry’s easiest and most robust set of developer resources, so you can get started today.

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The INRIX DevZone is the fastest way to deliver valuable traffic information, routing, and other content services in the car, over the Web and on mobile devices.

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Reading List

"Feeling Congested" Public Consultation

City of Toronto

A city-led consultation on the Official Transit Plan and amendments. The consultation was completed in 2014, but there is useful background information on each phase of the process.

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Toronto's Cycling Network Plan

City of Toronto

Background on cycling in Toronto, objectives for growing and connecting Toronto's cycling network, and phases of the public consultation of the Cycling Network Plan in 2015.

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Transportation Services vs. Transportation Planning (Toronto)

City of Toronto

Understanding the differences between these two departments within the City (see links). Transportation Planning focuses on policy and strategy, while services focus more on operations and maintenance.

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City of Toronto Congestion Management Plan: 2014-2018

City of Toronto Transportation Division

Highlights the objectives, targets and plan that Toronto will be spearheading to better manage traffic and congestion in the city over the 5 year period.

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TTC Annual Report 2014

Toronto Transit Commission

The Toronto Transit Commission’s Annual Report aims to provide our riders, the general public and our employees with a comprehensive overview of the year. It describes both the activities and financial performance of the Commission.

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2015-2020: Metrolinx Five Year Transit Strategy


The provincial agency leading GTHA transit development outlines its outlook for the upcoming 5 years. Includes business environment scan, funding, regional strategies.

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The Big Move (2008)


Initial 2008 Metrolinx vision for transportation development in the GTHA, with funding from the province.

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Smart Commuting options during the 2015 Pan Am Games

SmartCommute (Metrolinx)

Recap of transportation strategies during the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games.

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Glossary: Transportation Planning Terminology

City of Hamilton

Key terms and phrases used in transportation planning.

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"What would you do for 32?" [Public Consultation 2013-2014]


Initiative encouraging leaders and residents to pledge their support for Metrolinx's "Big Move" and come up with innovative, sustainable funding solutions.

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Smart Congestion Relief - Costs and Strategies

Victoria Transport Policy Institute

Detailed policies and procedures that can be taken to reduce traffic congestion in cities.

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Data Organizational Tools


Formerly known as GoogleRefine, OpenRefine is an open source desktop application used to clean data and transform it between formats. It also incorporates web services as well as databases.

Data Wrangler

Free interactive web tool for cleaning and transforming data. No longer supported by the original developers.


Transforming and cleaning raw complex data so that it is readily available for analysis. Free 14 day trial is available. From the creaters of Data Wrangler.


Tabula is a tool used to easily extract data stored within tables of PDF files into CSV or Excel format.

Data Visualization Tools

D3 - Data Driven Documents

Requires Coding Knowledge

Open source, cost-free tool with wide range of capabilities. Experts mention it has a steep learning curve. Requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, SVG.


Requires Coding Knowledge

JavaScript charts and maps that support both web and mobile. Trial available with no expiry date.


Requires Coding Knowledge

Open source library for simple data visualization. There are 6 types of HTML5-based charts that are responsive.

Google Charts

Requires Coding Knowledge

Free, user friendly tool to create HTML5 or SVG based charts. Large variety in charts available, and can be used on iPhone or Android platforms.


Requires Coding Knowledge

An open source JavaScript library to create maps from data. Perceived as simple and easy to use, accessible on many desktop and mobile platforms.

Tableau Software

Requires No Coding Knowledge

Tableau is a very popular "drag and drop" data visualization tool that is quick and easy to use without coding knowledge. Tableau Public is a free service combining the free desktop version with Tableau Online to publish and visualize data on the web.


Requires No Coding Knowledge

Raw is an open source drag-and-drop tool for data visualization. Raw is built on top of D3 and has 16 chart types athat are easy to use and navigate.


Requires No Coding Knowledge

Easy 4-step process to create charts and maps. The code is all open source on Github, and there are both free and paid versions available.

Timeline JS

Requires No Coding Knowledge

Open source tool to visualize data through timelines. 4-step process to create a timeline from a variety of back-ends as simple as a Google Spreadsheet.

Qlik® Sense

Requires No Coding Knowledge

Qlik® Sense Desktop is a FREE Windows application that gives individuals the power to create personalized, interactive data visualizations, reports and dashboards from multiple data sources with drag-and-drop ease. Discover more insights in your data in just 5 minutes.

Additional resources:

Qlik Community (
100,000+ users worldwide contributing to: Discussion Forums, Resource Library, Support, Blogs, etc.

Qlik Branch (
Rooted in open source philosophy, all projects are freely distributed and modified, allowing faster collaboration and innovation.

  • Non-developers - will be able to use Qlik Branch as a great resource for finding custom solutions for their applications. Furthermore, if the custom solution cannot be found on Qlik Branch, a developer could be found to build it.
  • Developers - Qlik Branch is a place to innovate and take advantage of the capabilities and extensibility of the APIs and Qlik platform. Sharing their projects on Qlik Branch makes their projects more accessible for use and collaboration.

Getting Started with Qlik Sense Desktop (
Learn the fundamentals of how to create and customize Qlik Sense Desktop visualizations, reports and dashboards by exploring our collection of resources

  • Overview Video
  • Quick Build tutorial
  • How to videos

Mapping Tools


A free Javascript library that provides visual presentation methods for tiled vector data.


A cloud computing platform providing Mapping and GIS tools for analyzing location data. A free basic version is offered, or you can pay for more features and data storage.

Statistical Analysis

STATA - Data Analysis and Statistical Software

A comprehensive statistical software package to organize, analyze and graph data. There is a cost to purchase the software.


Free computing and statistics software. R is good for managing large datasets, but has a steep learning curve

Microsoft SQL

Structured Query Language - Relationship database management system software for storing and retreiving data



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