TrafficJam Workshop Recap

Posted on September 23, 2015

On September 15th, over 100 TrafficJam participants gathered at the Ryerson DMZ – a beautiful space charged with entrepreneurial energy – to learn about data, transportation and what challenges to focus on during the hackathon weekend.

The TrafficJam organizing partners Evergreen CityWorks and the City of Toronto gave an overview of the event, announced the TrafficJam Challenge Sets (see more information about these here) and the prizes for winning teams.

The winning team will be awarded $5,000, the team placing second gets $2,000 and the team placing third is awarded $500. If you need a reason to keep coding through the night on October 2nd & 3rd – remember the prizes!

Expert partners including representatives from IBM, Think Data, TomTom and INRIX were on site and armed participants with the information and access to tools they need to make the most of the hacking period.

To refresh the memory of the participants who attended the workshop and bring those up to speed that couldn’t attend, we’ve gathered the information partners presented below.


IBM held a breakout session for participants covering IBM’s Data Scientist Workbench.

Check out the presentation here:

IBM Presentation

More information:

Data Scientist Workbench

Write your code, document it, and see the output... all in the same interface in the cloud. Supports R, Python, Scala notebooks, with Apache Spark pre-installed.

3-min Tutorial for the Data Scientist Workbench


TomTom’s breakout session covered how they can help participants reduce traffic congestion with their APIs and data. If you would like access to TomTom’s Developer Portal, please check the TrafficJam Slack Channel for login information or email us directly.

Check out the presentation here:

TomTom Presentation

ThinkData Works

ThinkData presented the benefits of using and the best way to leverage the data there in. ThinkData has also published a custom catalogue containing data sets relevant to TrafficJam.

Check out the catalogue here:

Namara Catalogue


This breakout session covered how the INRIX Dev Zone and APIs can help participants create traffic solutions or uncover insights. If you would like access to INRIX Dev Zone, please check the TrafficJam Slack Channel for login information or email us directly.

Check out the INRIX Dev Guide here:

INRIX Dev Guide

City of Toronto Transportation Services

Stephen Buckley of the Transportation Services division at the City of Toronto shared his thoughts on vision, goals and objectives for the TrafficJam.

Check out his presentation here:

Transportation Services and TrafficJam Announcement

Scott Fraser and Jesse Coleman from the City of Toronto held a breakout session covering what participants need to know about Transportation Services and the City of Toronto’s open data.

Check out the presentation here:

Data and Transportation 101

Thanks again to everyone who came out to the workshop! If we’ve left any questions unanswered, please don’t hesitate to email us or join the conversation on the TrafficJam Slack Channel.

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