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Posted on August 18, 2015

I have a confirmed ticket to TrafficJam, what can I do to prepare?

Keep an eye on the TrafficJam website for more news, and be sure to register for the TrafficJam newsletter.

You can also start looking at City of Toronto and Province of Ontario data that may be useful during the TrafficJam. There will be more data available for the hackathon weekend, but this will get you familiar with the formats and range of data we’ll have.

If you can, try to attend the workshop being held on September 15th at Ryerson DMZ. We’ll have transportation and data experts giving advice to our participants.

I’m on the waitlist for a TrafficJam ticket, when will I be notified if I get a ticket?

The first round of waitlist participants will be notified and receive their tickets by by September 1st. If any participants have to give up their ticket, we will be contacting our waitlist members until October 1st.

How are the teams being formed for TrafficJam?

We allow single participants to take part as well as teams of up to 8 people. Teams can be formed on site during the participant briefing, brainstorming and team building activities on Friday October 2nd. Participants are also welcome to meet and form teams before the events begins.

Can people on the waitlist come to the workshop on September 15?

Unfortunately we are limited by space and can only host people who have a confirmed TrafficJam ticket for the workshop.

I have a confirmed ticket for TrafficJam but can’t make the workshop on September 15th. Do I lose my spot for the hackathon?

No, although participants are strongly encouraged to come talk with our transportation and data experts, as well as network with potential teammates – attendance is not mandatory. For those who are unable to attend the workshop, we’ll will be providing a recap on the TrafficJam website after the event.

Do I have to stay at Evergreen Brickworks for the duration of the hackathon?

Evergreen Brickworks will be open for the duration of the hackathon and participants are encouraged to spend as much time there as possible. However, participants are welcome to come and go as they please. There will be shuttle bus service to and from the location during the day, but not overnight.

Will meals be provided at the hackathon?

Yes, there will be meals, snacks, and beverages provided the entire weekend of the hackathon. We will do our best to meet dietary needs, but can not guarantee everyone’s requirements will be met. If you have any special dietary needs please contact us.

Where are we getting the data? What type of data will be used? When will the data be available to teams? Where will data be accessible?

A variety of data sources will be used in the TrafficJam Hackathon. We will be using data available on the City of Toronto and Province of Ontario’s Open Data Portal. We will also be using data provided by several third parties.

After conducting a participant survey, CSV and JSON were identified as the preferred data formats. Where possible, we will ensure that data is made available in one of these formats. We are trying hard to make the data available to participants prior to the September 15th workshop. A catalogue of available data sources and links to appropriate external websites will be hosted on the TrafficJam website.

Who owns the ideas, outputs and solutions at the end of the TrafficJam hackathon? Do they remain proprietary to the teams that developed them?

The outputs of TrafficJam will be owned by the individuals and teams who create them. We will be updating the TrafficJam website with a full rules & regulations that outline the Intellectual Property statement, as well as other conditions to participating in TrafficJam.

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