Deloitte is pleased to support TrafficJam

Posted on September 29, 2015

Deloitte is pleased to support Evergreen CityWorks and the City of Toronto as a sponsor for the upcoming TrafficJam Hackathon at Evergreen BrickWorks.

Deloitte is one of Canada’s leading professional services firms, providing advisory, audit and tax services to clients worldwide. We service a broad range of transportation operators and policy makers across all modes of service. In the GTHA, Deloitte is proud to support critical government bodies focused on dealing with our regional congestion challenges, including the City of Toronto, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Metrolinx, and many others.

As described in our recent publication, Transport in the digital age: disruptive trends for smart mobility, cities around the world are challenged to deal with exponential urban population growth – far exceeding a region’s ability to invest in physical infrastructure to meet its constituents’ demands for efficient, cost-effective and smart mobility options. Going forward, technology will play a critical role in changing the way people and goods move across our transportation network. Within Canada and globally, Deloitte services some of the world’s most complex transportation ecosystems and we believe that pouring concrete alone will not solve complex congestion issues impeding regional economic growth. The time has come to embed the concept of virtual infrastructure into our region’s plans for expanding transportation networks.

We are so excited to join 150 traffic analysts, government officials and data collectors to uncover Toronto’s greatest traffic woes and kick-start real solutions. We’ll leverage insights from our years of client experience and the disruptive thinking of our Innovation team to push boundaries, achieve breakthroughs and incite productive action.

Joining the Expo but not participating in the Jam? Make sure to check out our mobile Discovery Zone! Straight from the Deloitte Greenhouse – an innovative collaboration centre that provides immersive client advisory sessions – the Discovery Zone features the latest and greatest in technological innovation. You’ll have the chance to demo featured exponential technologies, including Google Glass, Oculus Rift and 3D printing.

Please contact Yvonne Rene de Cotret to learn more about Deloitte’s public sector services or the Deloitte Greenhouse. See you at the Jam!

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