CAA SCO Supports Innovation & the TrafficJam

Posted on September 22, 2015

CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is the industry-leading provider for roadside assistance services. But did you know that CAA advocates on important transportation issues and integrates innovative technological solutions for our membership? We represent users of all modes of transportation including automobiles, bicycles, public transit and walking.

It is no surprise that big cities like Toronto and those in the Greater Toronto Area face an immediate demand for new technological solutions that will reduce traffic congestion. In support of new innovation, CAA SCO is proud to sponsor TrafficJam a 48-hour hackathon taking place October 2-4 at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto.

During the event, diverse teams of urban planners, data experts, and developers will brainstorm, analyze data sets, and build tools that will prototype real solutions. On Sunday October 4th, CAA SCO will be part of the judging committee, helping to identify the ideas that have the potential to transform mobility and congestion in Toronto. We can’t wait to see what insights you uncover and solutions you develop!

With the collection and use of “big data”, Toronto will work to become a truly smarter, innovative and efficient city. The automobile industry has evolved since CAA’s inception and as a society we have come to rely on technology in our everyday lives. CAA SCO has adopted many data-drive technology solutions to help keep our members safe. Here are just a few of things we’re doing:

Intelligent Transportation Systems. CAA continues to work with industry partners in all areas, including Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). ITS uses data to analyze traffic flow and adapt to conditions on the road so that congestion can be better managed in large urban areas. While cities like Toronto face many challenges through increased congestion and an aging infrastructure, through the use of technology like ITS and the utilization of data, these challenges can hopefully be overcome.

CAA Service Tracker. Have you ever needed to contact CAA for roadside assistance? You can follow the status of your service online or using the CAA app on your mobile device or Apple Watch. CAA’s Service Tracker provides real time updates on the location of your service vehicle so you know when it will arrive. To learn more, visit

CAA Connect. Our usage-based insurance program uses driving habits to calculate unique, personalized insurance rates. It gives drivers the ability to track their driving habits online and take advantage of special savings on their CAA Auto Insurance premiums. To learn more, visit

CAA Ontario Bike Assist App. Whether you are an experienced trailblazer or a recreational rider, the free CAA Ontario Bike Assist App provides maps to trails, video repair tutorials, tracked fitness statistics and access to roadside assistance from CAA Bike Assist. To learn more, visit

CAA SCO is the largest automobile club in Canada with over two million members. CAA provides roadside assistance, insurance, travel solutions and rewards program for our members and strives to deliver innovative solutions to make bad days good and good days better.

We will be rooting for all TrafficJam participants and wish you the best of luck!

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