TrafficJam: A Look in the Rearview Mirror

Posted on October 7, 2015

This past weekend from Oct 2nd - 4th was the TrafficJam hackathon where 150 engaged citizens formed teams and collaborated with local transportation experts, industry professionals and data experts to develop new tools and solutions for Toronto’s traffic troubles.

The City of Toronto and Evergreen CityWorks, co-hosted the 48 hour TrafficJam hackathon to determine how to use data and technology to create new solutions that will help minimize traffic congestion in Toronto and to better understand transportation issues. The beautiful space at Evergreen Brick Works stayed open for the full 48 hours and many participants found a cozy place to stay over night. Excellent mentors were on site throughout the weekend helping out and answering participant’s questions. Representatives from Accenture, Google, Deloitte, IBM, TomTom, and the City of Toronto were among the TrafficJam mentors.

During the weekend a variety of activities were available for participants if they needed a break. A nature walk was offered for participants to explore the beautiful surroundings of Ever Green Brick Works and free yoga on Sunday to help participants relax and release some stress before submission and the opening of the TrafficJam EXPO.

For the duration of the hackathon gourmet food was prepared and served on site for participants to enjoy. Evergreen provided food vouchers from their Farmers Market for lunch both Saturday and Sunday afternoon where participants got to pick from a wide selection of hot food made fresh at the market. On Saturday night delicious Libretto pizza was cooked in Evergreen’s on-site wood-oven for dinner.

To help keep participants awake ACCENTURE set up a gourmet Espresso Bar with its very own Barista making espressos, americanos and lattes.

After 48 hours of coding, designing and analyzing, 22 TrafficJam teams presented demos of their solutions and visualizations to peers, members of the public, and a panel of Committee Judges from Deloitte, the 407 ETR, CAA, IBM, Toronto Life, ThinkData, Civic Tech TO, Uber, Open Data Exchange, TomTom and MaRS. The committee judges reviewed each submission to narrow them down to the top 10 teams.

The 3 winners were selected from the top 10 teams by the Finale Judges Deputy Premier Deb Matthews, Stephen Buckley, General Manager of Transportation Services at the City of Toronto and Geoff Cape, Co-Founder and CEO of Evergreen. They were awarded their trophies and prizes at the Awards Ceremony hosted by the hilarious Cabbie Richards.

The first place prize of $5,000 went to the team TrafficJam Tacos. Their solution identified the streets with the least reliable traffic flow and developed interesting insights into the root cause of this problem.

The second place prize of $2,000 went to team RueView. This group created a traffic-forecasting tool that combined historical data and real time traffic updates to provide commuters with more accurate travel times.

The third place prize of $500 went to the team Three Comma Club. Their app and website Walkr looks at ways to improve walkability and the pedestrian experience throughout Toronto.

Congratulations to all the participants who took part in the hackathon and a big thanks to everyone that helped make this weekend possible.

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Start packing & get ready for hacking!

Posted on September 30, 2015

TrafficJam is this weekend and it’s time for the 150 civic innovators to get ready to help solve Toronto’s traffic troubles.

If you can no longer participate in the TrafficJam please email us so we can reallocate tickets to waitlisted participants.

Start of the hackathon

Participant registration starts at 6:00pm at Evergreen Brick Works. Weather permitting; registration will take place on the George Dark Bridge, located just outside the main entrance of the Young Welcome Centre. If the weather is bad, registration will occur inside the Young Welcome Centre. After registering, participants have until 7:00pm to mingle and network with other participants. At 7:00pm the participant briefing will start, participants will receive context for the types of problems that need solving and an overview of the hackathon event and rules. At 7:30pm dinner will be served and participants will form groups and brainstorm ideas and solutions for traffic troubles. Following dinner, participants will register as teams. The TrafficJam hackathon begins once teams are formed and registered.

General Hackathon Info

What to Bring:

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Pen & paper
  • Sleeping stuff (air mattress, ear plugs, sleeping bag/blanket, cushion, sleep masks)
  • Headphones (the room may be noisy at times, this may help with concentration)
  • Computer/laptop, charging cable, devices to test and demo on, phone charger etc.
  • Yoga mat for Sunday morning
  • Red Bull, Coke, etc. if these are your caffeine fuel of choice. They will not be available at Evergreen Brick Works

Team Formation

Teams will need to fill out a team form listing their members’ names, team name and a one-sentence description of what they are hoping to achieve over the weekend and submit it to the TrafficJam team on Friday night. Single participants can compete as well as teams of up to 8.


The venue will be open for the entire hackathon including all night Friday and Saturday.

Slack Channel

Make sure to join the conversation on Slack where you can ask questions, share ideas, find team members and get in touch with partners and mentors. If you are not on the TrafficJam Slack channel then please email us and we will add you.

Resource Section, FAQ Section, Workshop

Be sure to check out the Resources, FAQ and the Workshop Recap before the hackathon for helpful info and tips.

External Monitors

A limited number of external LCD monitors will be available and will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. These monitors are equipped with VGA connection cables. If your computer requires an adapter to connect to VGA please bring your own adapter.

Food and Beverages

Food Schedule

  • Day 1 - Friday
    We will be serving beef/veggie burgers and salad for dinner. The Food Dudes Food Truck will be coming to provide late night snacks.

  • Day 2 - Saturday
    Saturday we will be providing a continental breakfast, food vouchers for the Farmers Market for lunch, Libretto pizza cooked in Evergreen’s on-site wood-oven for dinner and vegetarian and meat wraps for a late night snack.

  • Day 3 - Sunday
    We will be providing a Continental Breakfast, food vouchers for the Farmers Market for lunch and appetizers will be served during the EXPO and awards ceremony.

We are doing our best to provide a variety of foods that meet participants dietary needs, but we cannot guarantee that we will meet all participants specific needs.

Farmers Market

The Evergreen Farmers Market will be open Saturday from 8am - 1pm and Sunday from 10am - 3pm. We will be providing participants with vouchers to purchase food from the market for lunch. More info on the Farmers Market can be found here.


Our sponsor ACCENTURE will be setting up an Espresso Bar where participants can get free gourmet coffee all weekend long.


We will be providing drip-coffee and water throughout the weekend.


We recommend participants take the Evergreen Brick Works shuttle bus, the TTC or carpool as parking space will be limited.

Shuttle Bus

The Evergreen shuttle bus is running every 30 minutes until 10pm throughout the weekend. The shuttle bus availability and schedule can be found here.


If you are interested in carpooling then please post on the Slack channel. Another option is to use the carpool app BlancRide to arrange a carpool option with other participants. The awesome folks at BlancRide are giving TrafficJam participants a $15 credit as blancride passengers and new drivers will receive an additional 40% off. You can find the promotional code in the TrafficJam Slack channel or can request it via email.


Limited parking is available on site and cannot be guaranteed. Green P parking is available near Broadview Station with a $10 daily limit. From there, you would take the shuttle bus.


Uber offers a $25 discount off your first ride.

Awesome Extras


We will be hosting a free yoga session Sunday morning from 9am -10am for any interested TrafficJam participants. Please Bring your own yoga mats.


Showers will be available on Friday and Saturday evening from 5pm - 9pm. If you want to use the showers then you need to bring your own towel, soap, etc.


We will be providing exclusive TrafficJam SWAG to all participants. Make sure to try and wear it during the hackathon.

End of the hackathon

The hackathon ends at 2:00pm on Sunday October 4th. There is a short break to allow participants to get ready to demonstrate their projects at the EXPO starting at 3:00pm


After the hackathon finishes, all eligible teams will present their submissions to fellow participants, judges and members of the public science-fair-style at the TrafficJam EXPO. Cash prizes, honours and recognition will be awarded to the top three teams by celebrity judges at the TrafficJam Award Ceremony starting at 5:30pm.

Please feel free to invite friends and family to celebrate all submissions of the TrafficJam via

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Deloitte is pleased to support TrafficJam

Posted on September 29, 2015

Deloitte is pleased to support Evergreen CityWorks and the City of Toronto as a sponsor for the upcoming TrafficJam Hackathon at Evergreen BrickWorks.

Deloitte is one of Canada’s leading professional services firms, providing advisory, audit and tax services to clients worldwide. We service a broad range of transportation operators and policy makers across all modes of service. In the GTHA, Deloitte is proud to support critical government bodies focused on dealing with our regional congestion challenges, including the City of Toronto, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Metrolinx, and many others.

As described in our recent publication, Transport in the digital age: disruptive trends for smart mobility, cities around the world are challenged to deal with exponential urban population growth – far exceeding a region’s ability to invest in physical infrastructure to meet its constituents’ demands for efficient, cost-effective and smart mobility options. Going forward, technology will play a critical role in changing the way people and goods move across our transportation network. Within Canada and globally, Deloitte services some of the world’s most complex transportation ecosystems and we believe that pouring concrete alone will not solve complex congestion issues impeding regional economic growth. The time has come to embed the concept of virtual infrastructure into our region’s plans for expanding transportation networks.

We are so excited to join 150 traffic analysts, government officials and data collectors to uncover Toronto’s greatest traffic woes and kick-start real solutions. We’ll leverage insights from our years of client experience and the disruptive thinking of our Innovation team to push boundaries, achieve breakthroughs and incite productive action.

Joining the Expo but not participating in the Jam? Make sure to check out our mobile Discovery Zone! Straight from the Deloitte Greenhouse – an innovative collaboration centre that provides immersive client advisory sessions – the Discovery Zone features the latest and greatest in technological innovation. You’ll have the chance to demo featured exponential technologies, including Google Glass, Oculus Rift and 3D printing.

Please contact Yvonne Rene de Cotret to learn more about Deloitte’s public sector services or the Deloitte Greenhouse. See you at the Jam!

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Public Transportation: Now You’re Competing. Do You Have the Technology Vision to Win?

Posted on September 28, 2015

Are transit agencies in danger of obsolescence? It depends on their technology vision. Let’s face it: It’s a more complex transportation environment out there these days. Planners and decision makers have three things especially on their minds:

  • Delivering a seamless and reliable customer experience.
  • Driving down costs.
  • Enabling better corporate stewardship through an emphasis on sustainability.

The common theme connecting all three of these goals is technology. How is technology figuring into your strategic planning? Here are five key technology trends Accenture thinks are worth watching.

  1. The Internet of Me: Our World, Personalized

    Agencies and operators have the opportunity to create highly personalized, seamless experiences that engage and exhilarate customers without breaching their trust. Operators must shift their mindset from being movers of vehicles to being providers of customer experiences.

  2. The Outcome Economy: Discovering and Delivering What Customers Want

    Digital devices, sensors and analytics are enabling a new business model that shifts the focus from selling things to selling results. Customers can benefit from the seamless integration of technologies and data. Analytic technologies kick in to analyze travel options and alternatives.

  3. The Platform (R)evolution: Connecting to an Information and Commerce Ecosystem

    Pioneering transport agencies are building platforms based on an open architecture, creating an ecosystem to deliver a broad range of digital services to travelers. The ecosystem will include data from outside agencies such as city maps, attractions, bike-sharing, car-hailing, and other services. Open architecture will also support integration with local businesses.

  4. The Intelligent Enterprise: Making Software, and the Company, Smarter

    Transport operators will unleash intelligent software to analyze rich data and improve operations, and to develop experiences tailored to travelers. Agencies can use the power and speed of modern analytics to improve a customer’s trip both in real time and into the future. Over time, the analytics engine synthesizes transit rider data with broader traffic patterns to recommend route updates that minimize aggregate rider travel times and reduce painful transfers.

  5. Workforce Reimagined: The New “Human-Machine” Team

    Advances in more natural human interfaces, wearable devices and smart machines are extending intelligent technology to interact as a “team member,” working alongside employees.

Click here to read more.

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TrafficJam Workshop Recap

Posted on September 23, 2015

On September 15th, over 100 TrafficJam participants gathered at the Ryerson DMZ – a beautiful space charged with entrepreneurial energy – to learn about data, transportation and what challenges to focus on during the hackathon weekend.

The TrafficJam organizing partners Evergreen CityWorks and the City of Toronto gave an overview of the event, announced the TrafficJam Challenge Sets (see more information about these here) and the prizes for winning teams.

The winning team will be awarded $5,000, the team placing second gets $2,000 and the team placing third is awarded $500. If you need a reason to keep coding through the night on October 2nd & 3rd – remember the prizes!

Expert partners including representatives from IBM, Think Data, TomTom and INRIX were on site and armed participants with the information and access to tools they need to make the most of the hacking period.

To refresh the memory of the participants who attended the workshop and bring those up to speed that couldn’t attend, we’ve gathered the information partners presented below.


IBM held a breakout session for participants covering IBM’s Data Scientist Workbench.

Check out the presentation here:

IBM Presentation

More information:

Data Scientist Workbench

Write your code, document it, and see the output... all in the same interface in the cloud. Supports R, Python, Scala notebooks, with Apache Spark pre-installed.

3-min Tutorial for the Data Scientist Workbench


TomTom’s breakout session covered how they can help participants reduce traffic congestion with their APIs and data. If you would like access to TomTom’s Developer Portal, please check the TrafficJam Slack Channel for login information or email us directly.

Check out the presentation here:

TomTom Presentation

ThinkData Works

ThinkData presented the benefits of using and the best way to leverage the data there in. ThinkData has also published a custom catalogue containing data sets relevant to TrafficJam.

Check out the catalogue here:

Namara Catalogue


This breakout session covered how the INRIX Dev Zone and APIs can help participants create traffic solutions or uncover insights. If you would like access to INRIX Dev Zone, please check the TrafficJam Slack Channel for login information or email us directly.

Check out the INRIX Dev Guide here:

INRIX Dev Guide

City of Toronto Transportation Services

Stephen Buckley of the Transportation Services division at the City of Toronto shared his thoughts on vision, goals and objectives for the TrafficJam.

Check out his presentation here:

Transportation Services and TrafficJam Announcement

Scott Fraser and Jesse Coleman from the City of Toronto held a breakout session covering what participants need to know about Transportation Services and the City of Toronto’s open data.

Check out the presentation here:

Data and Transportation 101

Thanks again to everyone who came out to the workshop! If we’ve left any questions unanswered, please don’t hesitate to email us or join the conversation on the TrafficJam Slack Channel.

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CAA SCO Supports Innovation & the TrafficJam

Posted on September 22, 2015

CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is the industry-leading provider for roadside assistance services. But did you know that CAA advocates on important transportation issues and integrates innovative technological solutions for our membership? We represent users of all modes of transportation including automobiles, bicycles, public transit and walking.

It is no surprise that big cities like Toronto and those in the Greater Toronto Area face an immediate demand for new technological solutions that will reduce traffic congestion. In support of new innovation, CAA SCO is proud to sponsor TrafficJam a 48-hour hackathon taking place October 2-4 at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto.

During the event, diverse teams of urban planners, data experts, and developers will brainstorm, analyze data sets, and build tools that will prototype real solutions. On Sunday October 4th, CAA SCO will be part of the judging committee, helping to identify the ideas that have the potential to transform mobility and congestion in Toronto. We can’t wait to see what insights you uncover and solutions you develop!

With the collection and use of “big data”, Toronto will work to become a truly smarter, innovative and efficient city. The automobile industry has evolved since CAA’s inception and as a society we have come to rely on technology in our everyday lives. CAA SCO has adopted many data-drive technology solutions to help keep our members safe. Here are just a few of things we’re doing:

Intelligent Transportation Systems. CAA continues to work with industry partners in all areas, including Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). ITS uses data to analyze traffic flow and adapt to conditions on the road so that congestion can be better managed in large urban areas. While cities like Toronto face many challenges through increased congestion and an aging infrastructure, through the use of technology like ITS and the utilization of data, these challenges can hopefully be overcome.

CAA Service Tracker. Have you ever needed to contact CAA for roadside assistance? You can follow the status of your service online or using the CAA app on your mobile device or Apple Watch. CAA’s Service Tracker provides real time updates on the location of your service vehicle so you know when it will arrive. To learn more, visit

CAA Connect. Our usage-based insurance program uses driving habits to calculate unique, personalized insurance rates. It gives drivers the ability to track their driving habits online and take advantage of special savings on their CAA Auto Insurance premiums. To learn more, visit

CAA Ontario Bike Assist App. Whether you are an experienced trailblazer or a recreational rider, the free CAA Ontario Bike Assist App provides maps to trails, video repair tutorials, tracked fitness statistics and access to roadside assistance from CAA Bike Assist. To learn more, visit

CAA SCO is the largest automobile club in Canada with over two million members. CAA provides roadside assistance, insurance, travel solutions and rewards program for our members and strives to deliver innovative solutions to make bad days good and good days better.

We will be rooting for all TrafficJam participants and wish you the best of luck!

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Scoping the Event: Challenge Sets and Judging Process Explained

Posted on September 17, 2015

TrafficJam Challenge Sets

The Challenge Sets are meant to get participants thinking in the right direction, serve as a conversation starter and help steer participants’ creative energies on a course that will result in a submission that can positively impact the quality of Toronto’s traffic. While each team must base their submission on one – or a combination – of the Challenge Sets in order to be eligible for prizes, participants are ultimately in the driver's seat and need to rely on their creativity and ingenuity to create solutions for Toronto’s Traffic troubles.

Challenge Set #1

Understanding Congestion
  • What are some of the primary causes of congestion in Toronto and how does congestion impact our road network? When and where is congestion the worst? Why does this happen?
  • What are the trends and changes in the last generation regarding how we move around the City?
  • How can we better encourage active transportation (i.e. walking and cycling?).

Challenge Set #2

Road Management Effectiveness
  • How can we tell if policy changes that we make are effective (i.e. before & after analysis?)
  • What type of process can the City of Toronto create to evaluate road management policies better? Some examples to consider:
    • How have the Richmond/Adelaide/Simcoe bike lanes impacted the speed at which people move through these corridors?
    • What is the impact of the surrounding network when we close the Gardiner or DVP for maintenance?
    • Has upgrading timing signals on XXX street been effective?

Challenge Set #3

Immediate Impact
  • How can the City of Toronto better inform the public of current and future road conditions?
  • How can we improve traffic and mobility on Toronto’s most highly congested intersections and road networks?

The TrafficJam team will be explaining the Challenge Sets in detail at the Toronto Workshop on September 15th (for confirmed participants and mentors only). If you are a confirmed participant who cannot attend the workshop or there are questions left unanswered after the workshop, please don’t hesitate to reach out and email us.

TrafficJam Judging Process

All TrafficJam submissions must be submitted in one of two categories and will be judged in three steps. This allows us to ensure that multiple judges see every submission and the best TrafficJam projects rise to the top.

Submission Categories

Participants can submit TrafficJam projects in two categories:

Solutions could be submitted as web apps or mobile apps and need to have some level of functionality


Insights could be submitted as data stories or data visualisations, and can be either interactive or static

Each category is judged based on different criteria. If a submission could qualify as both a solution and an insight it is in the hands of the team to decide in which category they would like to submit. This decision should be based on an evaluation of which categories’ judging criteria they believe they could score higher in. Download an overview of the judging criteria in each category.

Participants will need to identify to the Judging Committee in Step 2 in which category they would like to be judged in.

Judging Process

Phase 1

Does your idea work and solve a traffic related problem?

Each team’s submission must meet the minimum category requirement to move on to Step 2 of the Judging Process.

Solutions category minimum requirement:

  • Application must load, work and have functionality
  • Submission must attempt to solve a traffic related problem

Insights category minimum requirement:

  • Submission must attempt to solve a traffic related problem

Phase 2

Judging Committee

The Committee Judges will review all submissions that have met the minimum requirements in Step 1. Each submission will be judged by at least three judges. Once all submissions have been reviewed, the Committee Judges will will select the top ten submissions to move on to the finale round of judging.

Phase 3

Finale Judges

The Finale Judges will re-evaluate the top ten using slightly modified judging criteria that can be applied equally well to submissions in both categories. The top three will be chosen based on the three highest scores, regardless of category. The judges will take the stage at the Awards Ceremony following the TrafficJam EXPO to announce the winners and award prizes.

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Getting Ready for TrafficJam: Participant Briefing

Posted on August 19, 2015

TrafficJam is fast approaching and soon participants will be analyzing and visualizing data and coding solutions to help fix Toronto’s traffic troubles!

Before TrafficJam

TrafficJam Workshop

When: September 15th from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Where: Ryerson DMZ, 10 Dundas St E, 6th Floor, Toronto, ON M5B 2G9

Leading up to the event we have an awesome workshop for all TrafficJam participants that will include important event information, the types of submissions we are looking for and advice from data and traffic experts.

The event will start with presentations on general information for all participants, then will break out into smaller focus groups, so the participants can get additional information on their area of interest. Breakout sessions will be available in three categories: Data, Traffic, and Tools & Know How. Mentors and TrafficJam staff will be on hand to answer any questions and to guide participants in the right direction for project ideas. The event is also an opportunity for participants to get a head start on team formation. Participation in the workshop is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged. An invitation with more event details will be emailed to all registered participants before the end of August.

TrafficJam Hackathon Weekend

When: Friday October 2nd starting at 6:00pm until Sunday October 4th ending at 7:00pm.
Where: TrafficJam will be taking place at Evergreen Brick Works located at 550 Bayview Ave, Toronto. The BMO Atrium will be the main venue for the hackathon and where participants should head to register when they first arrive.

During TrafficJam, 150 civic innovators will form teams and collaborate over 48 hours with traffic analysts, government officials and data collectors to brainstorm new ideas, analyze data and build tools to develop real solutions for Toronto’s traffic troubles. All teams will present their submissions at the TrafficJam EXPO at the end of the weekend and the most promising submissions will be recognized during an awards ceremony on Sunday, October 4th with cash prizes.

Start of TrafficJam

Day 1

Arrival & Registration
6:00pm at Evergreen Brick Works in the BMO Atrium.

Participants should arrive at 6:00pm to register for the event. Participants will be given a nametag indicating their area of expertise to help facilitate team building and brainstorming. After registering, participants have until 7:00pm to mingle and network with other participants.

Event Kick-off & Briefing

At 7:00pm the participant briefing will start. Participants will receive context for the types of problems that need solving and an overview of the hackathon event and rules.

Dinner and Brainstorming

Dinner will be served and participants will form groups and brainstorm ideas and solutions for traffic troubles.

Team Registration & Setup

Following dinner, participants will register as teams. Teams will need to fill out a team form listing their members’ names, team name and a one-sentence description of what they are hoping to achieve over the weekend. Single participants can compete as well as teams of up to 8.

Hackathon begins once teams are formed and registered.

During TrafficJam

Day 2

Mentors will be available throughout the hacking period.

Experts in traffic management and urban planning, data analysis, graphic design, data journalism and representatives of data collectors and distributors will be in attendance on Friday evening to anchor the discussions, point teams towards available resources and help validate concepts before participants go to work.

These experts from the city, regional and provincial agencies, non-profits, sponsors, academia and the entrepreneurial community in Toronto will also serve as mentors to participants throughout the hacking period and help keep the projects realistic and potentially usable.

Food and Drinks
Food and drinks on us - all weekend!

The TrafficJam team will be providing food, snacks and drinks throughout the entire weekend to keep participants energized and focused! We will do our best to meet various dietary needs, if you have specific requirements please email us and let us know in advance so we can be prepared.

Meal Overview
Friday: dinner & midnight snack
Saturday: breakfast, lunch, dinner & midnight snack
Sunday: breakfast, lunch & afternoon snacks

Meeting Rooms
Meeting rooms are available on site.

Located on the second floor of the Centre for Green Cities are four meeting rooms that range in size and can be arranged in multiple configurations. These rooms will be used for breakout groups during the brainstorming and team building sessions as well as for team meetings with mentors throughout the hackathon.

After TrafficJam

Day 3

Finish Line
Hackathon ends at 2:00pm on Sunday October 4th. There is a short break to allow participants to get ready to demonstrate their projects.

TrafficJam EXPO
Sunday, October 4th, 3:00pm – 7:00pm
All teams will present their submissions to fellow participants, judges and members of the public science fair-style at the TrafficJam EXPO.

Judging & Awards
Sunday, October 4th, 5:30pm – 6:30pm
The judging will be done in two phases. First, a Selection Committee will narrow down all submissions to the top ten. Then the Judges will review the Top 10 and determine the winners. The winners will be announced at the end of the event and awarded their prizes. Judging criteria will be shared closer to the event.

If you have any questions please email us.

Hackathon Day 1

Friday, October 2nd
Registration at the door, casual mingling
Participant briefing
Dinner & brainstorming
Team registration & setup, hacking begins once teams are registered

Hackathon Day 2

Saturday, October 3rd
Late night snack
Dinner & briefing on final demos

Hackathon Day 3

Sunday, October 4th
Late night snack
Coding ends
EXPO opens, judging begins
Awards Ceremony

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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on August 18, 2015

I have a confirmed ticket to TrafficJam, what can I do to prepare?

Keep an eye on the TrafficJam website for more news, and be sure to register for the TrafficJam newsletter.

You can also start looking at City of Toronto and Province of Ontario data that may be useful during the TrafficJam. There will be more data available for the hackathon weekend, but this will get you familiar with the formats and range of data we’ll have.

If you can, try to attend the workshop being held on September 15th at Ryerson DMZ. We’ll have transportation and data experts giving advice to our participants.

I’m on the waitlist for a TrafficJam ticket, when will I be notified if I get a ticket?

The first round of waitlist participants will be notified and receive their tickets by by September 1st. If any participants have to give up their ticket, we will be contacting our waitlist members until October 1st.

How are the teams being formed for TrafficJam?

We allow single participants to take part as well as teams of up to 8 people. Teams can be formed on site during the participant briefing, brainstorming and team building activities on Friday October 2nd. Participants are also welcome to meet and form teams before the events begins.

Can people on the waitlist come to the workshop on September 15?

Unfortunately we are limited by space and can only host people who have a confirmed TrafficJam ticket for the workshop.

I have a confirmed ticket for TrafficJam but can’t make the workshop on September 15th. Do I lose my spot for the hackathon?

No, although participants are strongly encouraged to come talk with our transportation and data experts, as well as network with potential teammates – attendance is not mandatory. For those who are unable to attend the workshop, we’ll will be providing a recap on the TrafficJam website after the event.

Do I have to stay at Evergreen Brickworks for the duration of the hackathon?

Evergreen Brickworks will be open for the duration of the hackathon and participants are encouraged to spend as much time there as possible. However, participants are welcome to come and go as they please. There will be shuttle bus service to and from the location during the day, but not overnight.

Will meals be provided at the hackathon?

Yes, there will be meals, snacks, and beverages provided the entire weekend of the hackathon. We will do our best to meet dietary needs, but can not guarantee everyone’s requirements will be met. If you have any special dietary needs please contact us.

Where are we getting the data? What type of data will be used? When will the data be available to teams? Where will data be accessible?

A variety of data sources will be used in the TrafficJam Hackathon. We will be using data available on the City of Toronto and Province of Ontario’s Open Data Portal. We will also be using data provided by several third parties.

After conducting a participant survey, CSV and JSON were identified as the preferred data formats. Where possible, we will ensure that data is made available in one of these formats. We are trying hard to make the data available to participants prior to the September 15th workshop. A catalogue of available data sources and links to appropriate external websites will be hosted on the TrafficJam website.

Who owns the ideas, outputs and solutions at the end of the TrafficJam hackathon? Do they remain proprietary to the teams that developed them?

The outputs of TrafficJam will be owned by the individuals and teams who create them. We will be updating the TrafficJam website with a full rules & regulations that outline the Intellectual Property statement, as well as other conditions to participating in TrafficJam.

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City to explore using traffic data to minimize congestion and get traffic moving

Posted on June 26, 2015

The City of Toronto is pleased to partner with Evergreen CityWorks to deliver TrafficJam on October 2nd – October 4th at Evergreen Brick Works. TrafficJam is a 48-hour hackathon that will leverage open data to create new ideas, tools and resources that will be used to ease congestion and get Toronto moving.

One hundred and fifty participants from diverse backgrounds will collaborate to co-design new solutions to solve one of the greatest challenges facing Toronto – traffic congestion. The use of open data and technology to address congestion and mobility will establish Toronto as a leader in smart-city and open-data initiatives.

"Investing in the power of data will make Toronto a leader in the field of smart cities and will get this city moving."

"Technology and data are fueling intelligent movement in cities around the world. It should be no different in Toronto. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this hackathon and how we can use data for smart traffic management and fight congestion in our city,” said Mayor John Tory. “Investing in the power of data will make Toronto a leader in the field of smart cities and will get this city moving.”

In April, the City of Toronto announced the creation of a Big Data Innovation team. TrafficJam is an example of how we can better use data to improve commutes for all Torontonians, whether you travel by car, transit or bike.

"This is a terrific opportunity to learn how to use open data to create practical solutions to enhance our efforts to help people travel faster and more reliably," said Councillor Jaye Robinson (Ward 25 Don Valley West), chair of the City's Public Works and Infrastructure Committee.

The City of Toronto is pleased to partner with Evergreen CityWorks for their proven track record in bringing people together to find innovative solutions to improving Canadian cities. CityWorks is a leader in recognizing the potential of new ideas, like open data, to improve the livability and sustainability of urban areas.

This initiative is supported by the Government of Ontario, Accenture, Google, 407 ETR and CAA. The support from multiple levels of government, non-profit and private sector to enable the public to participate in creating tangible solutions to traffic management is city-building at its best. To learn more and be a part of this exciting 48-hour city building initiative, visit us at

Evergreen CityWorks is Evergreen’s newest initiative that seeks to change the way we plan and design Canadian cities. CityWorks is committed to transforming the way we live and reducing the environmental impact of urban areas. CityWorks brings together the public, innovators and decision makers to accelerate the shift to green infrastructure in cities across Canada.

Toronto is Canada's largest city, the fourth largest in North America, and home to a diverse population of about 2.8 million people. It is a global centre for business, finance, arts and culture and is consistently ranked one of the world's most livable cities. Toronto is proud to be the Host City for the 2015 Pan American and Parapan American Games. For information on non-emergency City services and programs, Toronto residents, businesses and visitors can visit, call 311, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or follow us @TorontoComms.

Media contact: Steve Johnston, Strategic Communications, 416-392-4391,


Jesse Darling,
Urban Project Designer, Evergreen CityWorks
647 999 9366

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